Life as Sharde

Almost Full Term

Hey there!

How is everybody? Me I am over here just counting down the little days I have left before I have a little one to care for. Honestly, I am terrified/excited/asking Jesus if I can do this. 10 little fingers and toes will be my responsibility. That’s a lot. I have had a few hiccups in my plan as far as having assistance from a few family members, and I will say, it was a very eye…

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38 more days until I have a daughter!

Wow has time flown by. She has been the center of my universe and I am sure she will continue to be when she gets here. I almost have everything I need for her there are just a few things that I need to purchase and voila! Baby London will have everything she needs. I am also trying to prepare pre prepped meals so I will not have to worry about feeding myself. In the past month, I have had a Baby shower (Pics will be posted later), and a Maternity photoshoot! Here are some proofs


I also have had a few scares, as you progress into your 3rd trimester you spring leaks. I thought that I was leaking amniotic fluid at least 2 times. But I am fine at the nervous she’s almost here stage. My life has been no cake walk when it comes to stress and other personal life events, but I am handling it all as best as I can. I have learned you just have to learn what is really important and you cannot focus on what you cannot control. Just do your best and that will have to be good enough. My baby will also have several playmates, my cousin, brother, and a few friends are expecting babies!! This is an exciting time! I cannot wait to post about my baby’s arrival. Until then!

34 weeks Plus! 38 more days until I have a daughter! Wow has time flown by. She has been the center of my universe and I am sure she will continue to be when she gets here.
7 Months and updates

7 Months and updates

Hello world!

I have been here in the background following my blogger friends and what not but I have not been posting. I have good news, I am 28 weeks and 5 days pregnant (seven months) and I have 11 weeks more to go! I am in my 3rd trimester and  I cannot wait to meet my little one!

I passed my classes for Grad school and let me tell you my level of concentration was not all there. Like at…

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Time is flying,

As far as this pregnancy goes. I am almost in my 6th month (and according to some calendars I am in my 6th month).  One week away from it. So cool. According to everyone I am small, and my doctor thinks I need to slow down on my eating. I looked at myself and I see nothing but belly and boobs. I know myself, and I know my regular weight minus working out. It’s a little bigger, so I think she may be wrong but I am listening to her…sort of. I am not of an average size and I also don’t fit the standards when I gain muscle mass. But I have been active, walking, dancing, playing with my dog, ect. I’m not sitting around gaining weight. My butt would fall asleep!

As for school, I missed one whole entire discussion module(which is bad) but I passed all of my tests. Hopefully I do well in this last module. I would like to finish with a strong B in class and take a summer class. I want to finish by at least 2015. Pray for me!  Other than that I have been nesting and obsessing about my nursery and up and coming shower. Fun times. Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure.

23 Weeks…Time Flies Time is flying, As far as this pregnancy goes. I am almost in my 6th month (and according to some calendars I am in my 6th month).  

What a weekend!

It was action packed. I;

  • Won a TV at work! O EM GEEEE!
  • Had my cousin come in from Chile (she is a flight attendant)
  • Organized the rest of my apartment
  • Got all angry pregnant lady on Pizza Hut for their poor customer service
  • Played with my dog
  • Got Pedi’s with my cousin
  • Ate at Joe’s
  • Went Grocery Shopping
  • Had my new mattress delivered ( I now sleep on clouds)
  • Went to the pool for a swim
  • Cooked dinner for my sister and cousin

It was pretty eventful! But fun. I moved to a new area of town recently and have yet to learn all the ins and outs of the area. Still I love the new pedi place, they serve alcoholic beverages. So trust me as soon as my daughter makes her appearance (Maybe a month or two after) I will have myself a tasty alcoholic beverage!

On Sunday the day was beautiful so my sister, cousin, Gizmo(my dog), and I went to the pool. Check out my mini photo shoot

So since I have had a growth spurt per say, my bikini tops no longer fit or should I say cover the bases. So Sports bra it is!  I even have a tough time with those, but hey! I will go swimsuit shopping soon (I will wear a bikini preggo and all). I cooked my famous stuffed shells for my sis and cousin, and they enjoyed it!  I am glad! I love cooking for people. Makes me feel domesticated! Ha!

This Monday I am getting back into the swing of things. I go from a later shift to an earlier shift and I now work the weekends this April. I did some finagling, and switched with a few co workers to volunteer for the MS150. I wish I could participate in the bike ride, but, hey, preggo power will support on the sidelines.  I also have to take 4 tests for school (thanks to my concentration issues/procastination) tonight by midnight. I have yet to take one test. Pray for me people!

In other pregnant news. I have never been so insecure about words/silly conversations in my life. Hormones are……irrational and at times so am I. My cousin decides to nickname me fatty and I know she means well, I know I am nowhere near fat, but my irrational mind really believes her, I had to stop her from saying it. I also got into a spat with a friend over the word MILF. As silly as that is, I wanted validation and I came to the conclusion that he does not think I am a MILF due to my pregnant status. It pissed me off, made me cry a little and then he got in his feelings and went for a verbal attack. I had to tell him I would talk to him later we both cannot be irrational and emotional. One of us has to be clear in life. I guess being pregnant and having friends who have never dealt with a pregnant woman do not understand things she will ask will be off the wall and matter no matter how silly Oh wells. One day when he has a wife, he will be like OHHHHH Light bulb!

Well I will keep you guys posted on my pregnant adventures! Bye!

Awesome Weekend Recap What a weekend! It was action packed. I; Won a TV at work! O EM GEEEE!
20 weeks and a TMI Tag

20 weeks and a TMI Tag

I am officially 20 weeks pregnant!

This is basically the halfway point and I feel my baby move! At this particular week women go for what is called an anatomy scan to get the baby’s measurements and to see if they are growing adequately. My baby is on track and her legs and feet are long. Well, that is expected, being that I am a 6 footer and her Dad is just as tall as me. Every day her kicks are…

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Busy Worker Bee

Has it been busy?

YES! I am excited to have energy to do a lot lately. I just literally finished moving into my new place, and I am in decorate mode. Anyone who knows me, knows I do not usually decorate anything, but My house is about to have an addition and I have officially begun to nest. I am also starting to work out the details of my baby shower and I am excited, and busy! School is also…

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Bump Reveal


I revealed my bump! How exciting. Well at 1st there was not really a bump, it just appeared that I:

A) Did not Miss any meals


B) Had the best beer belly a woman could ever have

LOL Now that it look like I am not just gaining weight, I wore some maternity clothes to work, and PA-YOW, this baby is making her presence known! I am 18 weeks +5 days and will be going to the doctor tomorrow…

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Warby Parker Glasses

I am a person who believes in a bargain,

If I can find one, I believe it is always worth a shot. I needed new glasses since November. I got around to doing my eye exam and everything, I just failed to order glasses. Lets not talk about how I still have yet to pick up my paid for contacts. So I usually order from a place called 39dollarglasses.comand they are wonderful, I have no bad things to…

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Facebook Announcement

Facebook Announcement


I finally announced my pregnancy to my main social sites, Facebook and Instagram. It was not a secret, but I wanted to be very cute with my announcement. I wanted to incorporate my dog, since I treat him like my child and so I went and looked up pregnancy announcements. Here is the end result!


Pretty cute huh! Hope my re-sizing is not too small but it was huge at the start. I took a…

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